Clay Workshop with Connie Norman

February 10th and 11th, 10am–4pm

Warehome Studios, 2520 Copper Ridge Dr., Unit C2, C3 & C4
If you’re stuck in the dip and dunk method of glazing, then this workshop is for you!  We will cover masking and layering glazing techniques while exploring basic design principals and how glazing treatments affect the perception of a pot's form.  This workshop will give you practical information to build a solid foundation in several glazing techniques, which will allow you to explore different artistic avenues.  We will be working white earthenware clay, fired to cone 05/06. $150, partially funded by a grant from the Steamboat Springs Arts Council. Register online below.

Rigister Here

Winter Plein Air Workshop
February 17th, 9am–1:30pm

Join Chula Bearegard at the Carpenter Ranch Visitor Center in Main House, 13250 US–40, Hayden. Includes warm coffee and treats, a workshop booklet and a value scale. $50


Ancient Voices/Modern Rhythms—Inspiration & Technique
March 3rd, 1pm

Join artist MicheleRubin at the Depot Art Center for an enlightening slide show presentation that divulges the inspiration for her new glass works collection, 'Ancient Voices/Modern Rhythms'. The concept was born of a 5 week "bucket list" trip of color, culture, geology and light throughout the southwest. Rubin will share the "how and why" of the various glass techniques she used to create pieces that explore spiritual symbolism and expressions of ancient cultures through modern and abstract glass artwork. FREE. Drop-ins welcome.

Conservation and Ranching
March 17, 10am–1pm

Art Depot Center
1001 13th St.

Join us for an energizing and informative talk on conservation and ranching as well as strategies for protecting the endangered fish of Northwest Colorado. Betsy Blakeslee, Outreach Manager for the Nature Conservancy's Carpenter Ranch, will host the talk during Ag Week, a week of education, celebration and outreach on Routt County's agriculture. The talk will be hosted in Steamboat Springs Arts Council's historic train depot. The backdrop for the talk will be renowned artist Chula Beauregard's painting of the Carpenter Ranch and Camille DiTrani's rock sculptures. FREE. Drop-ins welcome.