The SSAC ensures diverse and accessible arts opportunities and experiences for artists, audiences and participants. The value the Arts Council provides makes a difference in the lives of our towns 
residents and visitors! 

• The arts have a profound economic impact on the town.

• The arts attract and retain new talent and business.

• The arts enhance quality of life for residents and visitors.

• The Steamboat Springs Arts Council is vital to the success
   of the region’s arts and culture industries!

 DONATE to the SSAC HERE and become a member to help keep the Arts Alive!

or, send a check to Steamboat Springs Arts Council, PO Box 774284, Steamboat Springs, CO  80487

or call 970.879.9008

Donations of any amount help! Know that you are an important member of the Arts Community, building a spirited community of arts collaboration and education, offering scholarships, as well as preserving and upgrading our historic Train Depot.