Create Space & Resource Room
The newest addition to the Steamboat Arts Council’s education outreach is the Create Space and the Resource Room. Community members, artisans and art enthusiasts can drop off their new or gently used art supplies and tools to the Resource Room. With invaluable help from the Independent Volunteer Pool, we donate the items back to local schoolteachers and service groups for art projects. With these new resources, we are poised to create community wide visual art projects to be displayed in public places.

The Create Space Resource Room will be staffed every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. Please stop in during those times for an introduction to the resources and to learn how to check them out.

Create Space Press

Steamboat Springs Arts Council to introduce new art resource program with donation day

Visiting Artists Program

The Steamboat Springs Arts Council’s visiting artist program affordably integrates arts into the curriculum of elementary, middle and high schools as well as senior and assisted living facilities and pre-schools by placing professional artists in classrooms throughout Routt County.  The length of a project can be 2 hours to 20 hours based on the project length, needs and budget. We have created Create Space, art pantry, that serves as a clearinghouse for up-cycled art supplies and tools that allow us to remain environmentally conscious and create projects out of materials that for some have little value but in the hands of an artist can be transformed into something beautiful. We encourage you to mine Create Space and use up-cycled resources in your project. 

What We Teach

Visual Arts – bookmaking, pottery, sculpting, painting, drawing, mixed media, collage, jewelry making, etc.

Writing – creative writing, journaling, poetry, self-expression

Music – Singing, Percussion, Music Theory, Cultural and Historical Explorations, Songwriting, Performances

Theater – Spoken-Word Poetry, Skit Writing, Improv, Stand-Up Comedy, Play Creation, Historical Drama, Short productions, Storytelling

Dance – Ballet, Interpretive dance, Hip-hop, Modern, African, Salsa, Country-Western, and Fusion

Our Teachers

Professional artists conduct short-term, project-based projects with participants in a specific art discipline that is chosen by administrators, educators or artists. Participants explore their own voice while developing their creative problem solving skills and imagination, resulting in an expanded awareness of their own creative abilities. There are over 20 talented artists and performers on our artist registry to choose from ranging from visual, literary, and performing artists. If you are interested in becoming a Visiting Artist, please contact the Arts Council.

Project Requests

Please fill out the Visiting Artist info sheet or contact Madeleine Mason and find the right teaching artists for your facility:

Madeleine Mason, Visual Arts And Education Coordinator - 970-879-9008

Become a Professional Artist in the Schools

If you would like to become a Visiting Artist, please send email with the application along with your resume and 5 professional references to Madeleine Mason. Please note your discipline and grade level preferences in your message.

Support this Program

Our dedicated Board of Directors, Staff and Education Committee works to secure funding to support arts education as part of the mission of the Arts Council, especially in those areas that lack opportunities in the arts. The Arts Council has a deep belief the connection between participation in the arts and success in academics and in life, we find ourselves more dedicated to ensure the availability of the arts for every person in our community.

Organizations and individuals who understand the importance of arts education for the future of the children and elderly of Routt County fund the VISITING ARTIST program. People with exposure to and participation in the arts are more likely to stay in school, have better success while in school, have higher SAT scores and graduate college at a higher rate. They are more likely to volunteer, to be informed citizens, and vote as young adults. With your help we can do more.

To make a contribution to this program, please contact Madeleine Mason, Education Program Manager at 970-879-9008.


In our first project of 2015 and in partnership with the Arts Council’s Visiting Artist – Kathy Thayer and Wendy Kowynia, teachers and students from Christian Heritage School explored self-expression through the creation of a molded hand sculpture that will be auctioned off at the school’s annual fundraiser.


As acknowledgement of the resources provided by the Steamboat Springs Arts Council we require the following:

  • logo placement on promotions for all events benefitting or relating to the proposed visiting artist project
  • marketing materials samples
  • photographs or video, and anecdotal stories about how the visiting artist program has affected the educators and students engaged in the project