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Tickets go on sale in April

May 10, 11 & 12 at the Chief Theater

Brief Description: Steamboat Spring Arts Council's 36th annual Cabaret opens at the Chief Theater on May 10, 11 & 12. Local to the core, Cabaret is a live, comedic, never politically correct performance sharing our town’s local talent designed to make people LAUGH! The production staff, crew and cast of talented actors, actresses and musicians help write, organize and act in a collection of skits, songs and dances that good heartedly make fun of local events and issues.


Auditions are 4-6 pm on

March 4th at the Chief. 

This is what to expect at Auditions. When people arrive at 4 pm they will sign up, fill out paperwork and then Scott Parker and Ryan Fleming will follow that sign up list in order to call people on stage to audition. This is first come first served style. 
People can stick around and watch the auditions. Please watch quietly and politely. Except for laughing please LOL.  
People can audition their own skit or audition to be a part of the cast. Please have skit ideas fully prepared. If you are wanting to be in the cast please have a jokes, dances, songs or mix of all three ready to go. 
We will also have information on all the other ways people can help Cabaret besides being on stage. So if anyone wants to be involved in any way this is the event to come to!
The performance has three main goals for participants:
To raise funds for the arts council 
To entertain the audience 
To have fun
Besides auditions, other days involved with participation in Cabaret “Whatever Floats Your Boat” include: 
 Additional rehearsal times at Sunday April 8thand 29th {must come to one} 
 May 5th Skit Run Through 
 May 6th Music day for songs 3 pm 
 May 7th Opening & Act 1. 5pm call 6 pm start 
 May 8th Act 2 & Closing. 5pm call 6 pm start 
 May 9th Dress rehearsal. 5pm call 6 pm start 
 May 10th, 11th and 12th performances. 5 pm call 6pm and 9 pm start times

Ryan J Fleming and Scott Parker

SHOW TIMES ON MAY 10, 11 & 12


VIP: 5:00 (for 6:00 show) and 8:00 (for 9:00 show) NOTE: Please be on time to ensure that you are able to take advantage of priority seating!

General Admission: 5:30 (for 6:00 show) and 8:30 (for 9:00 show)

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We can't wait to see you!
Scott Parker and Ryan Fleming



Rex's Family of Restaurants

Arctic Liquor

Creekside Cafe

Steamboat Meat and Seafood


Backcountry Deli


Mambo Italiano

Thurston Kitchen & Bath

Golden Leaf


Steamboat Spring Arts Council's 36th annual Cabaret opens at the Chief Theater on May 10, 11 & 12. Local to the core, we have added performances this year. Cabaret is a live, comedic and politically incorrect performance full of talent with the main goal to make people LAUGH! 

The Arts Council supports the arts and culture of our town and collaborates with the tried and true Steamboat businesses. We believe, like our sponsors do, that having a vibrant arts community is important to the soul of a town. Your support of Cabaret and the Arts Council brings educational programs, workshops and collaborating artists to the community, impacting lives and cultivating creativity.

Here is what our sponsors get:

Tickets! A Signed Poster from the Cast! Drinks! Advertising! Even More Advertising! and More!

Here is what to do: 

Contact our office for more details or to save your spot: 970-879-9008.

Questions on sponsorships? Contact Dagny.

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