The 2017 Winners of the Regrant Are:

Chula Beauregard - $700 for her 'Ranching the Future' project.

Steamboat Skating Club - $2,000 for a full theatrical production of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' involving over 100 skaters.

Lance Whitner - $2,300 for her 'Mountain Mural' to be painted on the Pine Moon Fine Art Building


Applications due Tuesday, October 10.

“An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision.” – James Whistler

Don't miss this opportunity to fund your idea. Apply now for grant money from Steamboat Springs Arts Council's 2017 Re-Grant Program.

The Steamboat Springs Arts Council’s 2017 Re-Granting program will grant funds in the area of Arts and Culture. The program is based on the Steamboat Springs Arts Council 1992 - 2002 re-granting program established during the National Endowment for the Arts Locals Incentive Grant. Thanks to the generous contribution for the City of Steamboat Springs, we are able to provide funding for micro-grants totaling $5,000. Any organization currently receiving program or operational support from the City of Steamboat Springs will not be eligible. Recipients of Arts & Culture Coalition grants from the City of Steamboat Springs are not eligible. An impartial committee made up of members of the Board of Directors of Arts Council and representatives of the business, civic and arts community will review all proposals.


~ Organization Development

~ Project Development/Organization

~ Project Development/Individual

~ Individual Artist Fellowship

~ Artist Honorarium


The Re-Granting Program is offered to help expand the scope of cultural activities and services in Routt County. Grants are given to organizations and individuals to strengthen and improve the quality and capacity of art and cultural programming and presentation. Special focus is on arts and culture organizations who cannot apply for the Arts and Culture Coalition Grant money due to lack of 501(c)(3) status, lack of knowledge of the granting process/application timetable, or unforeseen need.


The Re-Granting Program is offered with the following goals:

~ Establish new and innovative programs;

~ Enhance existing programs and initiatives that add to the capacity of artists, art and cultural organizations;

~ Enhance and develop artistic skills of organization leaders and/or artists;

~ Creatively address a community issue or have social impact;

~ Encourage cooperation/collaboration between organizations/artists.

Time-Line of Application Process

August 7, 2017: Call for applications put forth

September 7, 2017: 9-5 Office hours available for grant assistance with Executive Director, Kim Keith

October 10, 2017 Grant Proposals due

October 10-16, 2017: Grant proposals reviewed and recipients chosen.

October 19: Awards granted


At the end of the grant period, all grantees must submit to an evaluation of their project, including a narrative and financial report on how the grant was used. Grant period will be for one year from date of approval of project.

Final report is due to qualify for a new grant.

Application Instructions

Application Materials are due to the Steamboat Springs Arts Council by October 10, 2017 at 11:59 pm. Materials will be accepted by mail, email, or may be delivered to the Arts Council at the Depot: 1001 13th Street. 
Contact Dagny McKinley -, 970-879-9008.

Narrative Description of Proposed Project

Type the narrative, leaving one-inch margins on both sides to allow for binding. Please give thorough answers to the following in order:

1. List your name, the name of your organization (if relevant), your mailing address, physical address, phone and fax numbers, email, and web address.

2. List the project name, grant amount requested and total budget for the project.

3. Indicate the areas your request falls:

  • Organization Development
  • Project Development/Organization
  • Project Development/Individual
  • Individual Artist Fellowship
  • Artist Honorarium

4. Provide a brief (250 words) description of your project.

5. Describe the proposed use of funds and what specific needs will be met.

6. Describe how you intend to evaluate the success of your program?

7. What would you do if your award is less than the requested amount?

8. What is your/your organization's annual operating budget?

9. What is the start date of your project?

10. What is the end date of your project?

11. If you/your organization receives the requested grant, what will be the impact of your program on the quality, diversity and accessibility of arts and culture in Routt County?

"I ________________ assure that all of the information provided in this application is accurate to the best of my knowledge or represents a reasonable estimate of future operations."

Applicant's Signature  



All applicants include resume, and one-page artist statement as it relates to proposal

• Visual Artists: Five (5) images of current work, labeled with name, title, date, medium and dimensions.

• Performing Artists (Dance/Music/Theater): 3-minute or less videolink of current work.

• Literary: Two–page writing sample

• Interdisciplinary Artists: 10-minute or less video link of current work


• Enhances organization or individual's ability to grow in service to the community

• Proposal reflects mission of organization

• Proposal exhibits Artistic Merit

• Proposal exhibits creative and innovative project concept

• Potential for positive impact and /or involvement of the community

• Project goals and objectives meet the stated needs in the proposal

• Support for the proposal is diverse and is exhibited through documented support materials (up to 5 pieces)

• Evaluation plan is reasonable and will provide appropriate feedback


• History of professional involvement with the arts or humanities

• Quality and organization of past work

• Evidence of professional commitment

• Creativity and innovation of project concept

• Community involvements or benefit from project

Grant Proposals Due October 10, 2017.